Gaza without fuel. Who cares?


It is more than a week that Gaza does not get the cheap fuel from Egypt.
Political frictions between Hamas and the Egyptian sides, including Egyptian oil smugglers, at the end continue to harm the population, who remain without electricity. Which means  no light, no heater (In Gaza now the temperature is around 8 degrees and it rains), no fuel for cars, no television, no charger for the phones, no internet. Egypt smuggles cheqp fuel for 1 NIS per liter  (around 20 cents of a Euro) while Hamas put taxes for 1.5 NIS, on each liter so people pay it at 2.5 NIS (50 cents). Egypt is not happy that Hamas is gaining so much from the smuggling and it wants to raise the price. Hamas does not accept. The result? the oil pipes under the tunnels are blocked and people stay without fuel.
Fuel from Israel is available, though  at 7 NIS (almost 1 euro and a half) per liter. and people from Gaza cannot afford it.
Gaza under siege, Gaza without electricity. Gaza is dark in these days and those who still hope for a brighter future are fewer, in these days. But Gaza still is alive.  

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