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9 dicembre 2013
On the way to Estancia, Philippines
Said, done.
in 5 days, i made it to the Philippines. from being a simple student in a nursing school somewhere in the centre of Italy, to going back to disasters and emergency resonse.
I am now in Abu Dhabi airport, and people around me keep asking me what is the time.. It seems I look more reliable than what I really am :)
long time I missed from Asia.
remembering 6 years ago, on a flight from Italy to Sri lanka, via Doha, after Christmas holiday, when me and my dearest friend of sri lankan times got lost in time zones, and we missed our flight to Colombo in Doha, cause we were chatting about meaning of life and friendship and we lost the concept of time.. the gulf is dangerous!
but that was the past, now it is another era, back to asia.
my first time with a such a short mission, I hope I will be able to do a good job. worth spending a new year eve so far..

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