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19 maggio 2013
Tears and Kebab.. 1st part
Thanks to Borisha, trusted friend from ages, now living, in the middle of somewhere in lebanon, today I remembered I had a blog.
and after Palestine, a new series of adventures started. obviously they worth to be told.

TEARS AND KEBAB, is the title, cause where I live now there is nothing more romantic than a kebab place, on a provincial road in a village in the middle of nowhere in Southern Turkey.
One of those places, that if you pass by, do not really mean anything. a bit rural, a bit industrial, a bit developed and a bit underdeveloped. it is one of these places, that sometimes you ask yourself why they exist. 
though, if you live there for more than 3 months, they start to become the center of the world. and the kebab place is where ALL may happen. Maybe not all, but many things.
the Kebab place is where you can breathe some freedom from an overcrowded office where crazy people sit to fill table to save children.
the kebab place is where you can potentially take some rest from some truly overwhelming humanitarian experience, on the other side of the border. and think of how a country can be fucked up so miserably.
the kebab place is also where people from 4 corners of the world meet and and eat as one family, this is truly amazing.
not lastly, the kebab place is where you sadly say bye to some people with whom for 3 months you spent 66% of your life, and then when they leave, they leave a gap, that according to the ERP law, somebody else coming for another 3 months should fill. But we know that life is not that straightforward. and you can fill an empty glass with another wine, but the bitterness of that moment of emptiness will remain. and you never know if the new wine is going to be better than the old one, for sure it is not going to be the same.
but this is the life we chose, so no complain and let\s look forward. 
even though a tear can drop, over your kebab, in that kebab shop, which will make its taste unique.

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