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12 febbraio 2012
Discovering Jerusalem with Palestinian children

I spent the afternoon of this end of winter day discovering Jerusalem with the children of the Youth Parliament, visiting the Jerusalem Museum, called by the Jewish "the David Museum", which anyhow is a Jerusalem museum, and the title could misleading. as usual.

It was amazing to see them discovering the map, the topography of the Holy City, you really feel this place belong to them and that they are so proud of it.

we often say that children get bored with everything, even the children of Jerusalem.. many of them have I Phone and wear fancy clothes, but still this is not what it counts. what it counts is their attempt to understand the roots the city they live in, the details of a complicated and intrigated history, which is too often manipulated by the power of politics and ideology. and in the end to know, to understand who they are and what they want.

we were at the Museum with a guide, an amazing man and all the childen were  attentively listening to him as he were telling them a tale, where Canaanites, Jewish, Romans, Arabs, Bristish and do not know who more after or before them, were mixed together.

and in the end you find out that the Temple, was a temple for everybody, each one in different ages, and that Jerusalem belonged to everybody and the rest is politics. so as the occupation. it was good to have as transaltors teenagers from Silwan, who really struggle every day to keep their identity and that they manage and I admire them, and I wish really we could do something to  make their lives easier or at least not to feel alone.

It was a beautiful day for me as well, being part of this, me that I belong to everybody and to nobody I felt I am part of something, of Jerusalem, Jerusalem was also mine today, and as long as keep on fighting for waht we feel is also ours, then working so hard makes a lot of sense.



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